Armageddon: The Monster from Beyond​ (sometimes credited as ​"Armageddon: TMfB"​) is an upcoming science fiction horror novel expected for release sometime in 2018. The story is set in the year 2023 when a large, winged monster of unknown origin lays waste to various cities around the world and forcing the United States Government to respond by deploying a team of Spec Ops to confront the threat. The events of Armageddon are meant to signal the end of days, with a demonic beast sent to wipe out life on Earth. The Spec Ops themselves were taken from the 2012 survival horror video game Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City​. The coverpage itself is meant to signify the end of life on Earth, with the monster presumably leaving after laying waste to the planet's major cities.


The story opens at a hidden research facility somewhere in North America.


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